Applying for a Business 3000+ Award is an empowering experience as it provides your business with an opportunity to reflect on how success has been achieved and showcase its strengths. It also demonstrates to your staff and customers, that your business is committed to the pursuit of excellence.

There are a number of benefits for being a Business 3000+ Awards nominee. These include:

  • Opportunity to be acknowledged by the City of Melbourne business community for your business endeavours and celebrate the success of your achievements
  • Opportunity to mix with other business leaders and share insights, be inspired and to inspire others
  • Opportunity to improved staff morale through the acknowledgment of achievements
  • Greater awareness brand recognition within the City of Melbourne’s business community

The research and evidence gathering can highlight areas where improvements are needed for the future in your business – a working business plan.

Higher Customer Satisfaction
There is increased customer awareness, recognition and credibility, which increases customer trust and loyalty.

Staff Morale
Awards can create a real sense of achievement, leading to better engagement with staff, greater inclusion, productivity and enhanced sense of pride.

PR, Marketing and Brand Recognition
Additional press coverage and free publicity for both Internal and external publicity. A good news story to share on web sites and social media. Additional benefits can come from displaying the award in staff and public areas and on all business communications and corporate documents.  Builds your brand awareness.

At award ceremonies there are opportunities to take staff, customers or influencers whether winners or shortlisted candidates.

Improved Financial Performance
Whether this is an increase in sales, ability to get grants, loans or bring in sponsorship. For SME’s it could increase in the value of good-will in the business and credibility with financial institutions.

Celebrating endeavours & achievements of independent businesses located within the City of Melbourne – postcodes 3000+